MAUHS Mold Remediation Update

A Message from Superintendent Culkeen:

Prior to commencing the mold remediation work at Mt. Anthony Union High School, it has been decided to retest the indoor air quality of the math wing and floors above (commonly referred to as the ‘84 wing).  The retesting will provide the current indoor air quality status in the building and determine if any additional remediation is required.  A consulting firm has been retained to test and provide an updated report with recommendations for remediation. 

With the updated recommendations, we will seek bids from qualified remediation contractors with extensive experience in comparable projects.  The project will be completed as soon as possible and be conducted under the supervision of a licensed engineering firm.

Given these developments, we will have students currently on remote learning remain remote until October 26th or until such time that the remediation has been completed and the building retested. 

We will provide updates as they become available.