Test to stay with Athletics and Activities

Athletics and activities are excluded from the Test to Stay programs at Mt. Anthony Union Middle and High Schools. This means that even if a student is allowed to go to school, they will not be allowed to participate in team and club functions. Any unvaccinated student who is deemed a close contact of COVID-19 will be required to complete the quarantine and testing protocol prior to re-joining the team or club.


It should be noted that the majority of MAU winter extracurricular programs meet off campus, thus making Test to Stay not an option for those activities and athletics. The Vermont Agency of Education also states that “students participating in Test to Stay may not participate in practices, events, competitions or any other afterschool activities if students from other schools are present, even if those activities occur on their home campus.” Athletic and activity programs also extend through the weekends and scheduled school breaks, creating a staffing issue to successfully complete the program. 

The number one way to avoid missed team and club functions is to receive your COVID-19 vaccine. Please go to the SVMC website, local pharmacies, or your pediatrician’s office for resources.