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Welcome Students and Guardians

I am excited to welcome your student to English class this coming semester! Last year, we faced many new challenges and, though we are not done innovating and adapting to new issues, I am confident that we will rise to the occasion as a classroom community and have a terrific term. We will read widely and deeply, write in a variety of genres, and make our unique voices heard.

Please join the Google Classroom
I will be posting daily activities and lessons as well as all readings on that platform. Some folks are automatically sent a parent invite, others I’ll rely on what I have in Infinite Campus. I recommend creating a Gmail account (it’s free!) to better access Google Classroom.
Please contact me with ANY questions or concerns
No question, worry, or wondering is too small. I care about your student and  want them to be successful, and you’re the expert on them. Please keep in close contact with me. I want to hear from you!
Please check your e-mail regularly
E-mail is the primary contact point for families. I e-mail early and often and the more connected we can all stay the better we can set students up for success.
Please review the class syllabus
I have linked both Common Sense Media reviews and/or complete digital copies of the texts we will be reading in class. Please let me know if you have any concerns about a text before the unit starts so we can work together to come up with a strategy that will work for you and your student.
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Chloe West
English Teacher
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About Me
Hello! My name is Ms. West and this will be my forth year teaching and my third year at MAU! I really enjoy living in VT with my wife and our four dogs. I like to hike, cook, and play frisbee with my Border Collies. My favorite food is macaroni and cheese, my favorite color is blue, and my favorite movie is Jurassic Park. I love my job and I feel lucky to be excited to go to work every day!
Book Recommendations
Children of Blood and Bone
The Prince and the Dressmaker