Block 4 US History

Block 4 US History

Welcome to the assignment page. This shows the day that an assignment is assigned. Homework is almost always due the next day; when it is not, I will include the due date.
Late homework will be accepted as long as we are still in that unit for reduced credit. Homework that is gone over in class is not eligible to be made up.

Monday January 27
Signed course expectations
Tuesday January 28
Wednesday January 29 
None - still working on the chart
Thursday January 30
Finish the chart!
Friday January 31
None :)
Monday February 3
Amendment chart - get one article done for tomorrow
Tuesday February 4
Finish amendment chart
Unit quiz tomorrow
Wednesday February 5
None :)
Friday February 7
Nothing new - make sure those old charts are done and turned in!
Tuesday February 11
Paragraph: What were two attempts to fix the slavery issue? Why didn't they work?
Wednesday February 12
Political cartoon
Friday February 14
Have a happy and healthy vacation!
Monday February 24
Finish VT in the Civil War cartoon
Tuesday February 25
Paragraph: What are 6 new things you learned from the show?
Wednesday February 26
Paragraph: What are 6 new things you learned from the show?
Thursday February 27
Finish essay outline for tomorrow
Friday February 28
Finish essay outline for Monday
Monday March 2
Outline confusion - wrap up for tomorrow to write up essay
Tuesday March 3
Essay due Thursday
Wednesday March 4
Essay due TOMORROW
Thursday March 5
Finish political cartoons - due Monday
Friday March 6
Political cartoons
Monday March 9
Finish the political cartoon you are making
Tuesday March 10
Paragraph: 6 things you learned from this episode of America, the Story of Us: Cities
Wednesday March 11
Finish imperialism political cartoons
Thursday March 12
None :)
Monday March 16
Mrs. Friday is out today - here is the questions packet for class today if you can't find it on your google drive shared with me folder.
Distance learning is planned to go live starting Monday, March 23. I will be posting an agenda and links when appropriate here. If you have questions, please email I have written this work out to be spaced as something everyday. I absolutely understand if you have to work, or are doing childcare, that you may double up some days and skip others. That is totally fine - this is just how I broke down the planning.

- Wed March 18 - 

We have received a new directive from the state that there is to be no new learning in this two week period. We are only to provide work that is review for this time. There is a grading directive still to come from the state. I will be thinking about a new plan this afternoon and evening to begin reloading the site tomorrow.


Thursday March 19


Please go Khan Academy, sign up for free and join our class:


You need to join, then I will receive a notification, and will be able to update the class so you can then see the specific assignments.


Please email me if you have trouble joining:


Monday March 23


Due to the directive to not introduce new learning, we will be working with Khan Academy and start by reviewing from where we started: the early US and the Constitution. I do think this was a difficult unit to start with, so there is a lot to gain by looking back - you will have to take a final at the end of the course!


I have set up many assignments in Khan Academy. Please follow them in order each day.


After you have signed in, please start a 30 minute timer. When that goes off, finish the particular assignment you are on and then move on to my next task.


Please create a Google doc. This will be like a journal between you and me while you are home. Please date an entry and write a reflective paragraph. What worked today and what was difficult? Was there anything you didn't understand from the work?


Tuesday March 24


Please sign back into Khan Academy and continue where you left off. As with yesterday, please set a 30 minute timer for your work. When that goes off, finish the assignment you are on and then return to the Google doc you started yesterday.


Date a new entry on the Google doc and write a reflective paragraph for today? How much did you get done? How did it go? Any questions for me?


*We have been asked to provide the names of students who have not reached out to us yet in any form to the administration for tomorrow for them to begin contacting home. PLEASE email, sign in, do something to connect with me to avoid that phone call from the school administration.


Wednesday March 25


Back to Khan Academy! Pick up where you left off yesterday. Set a timer for 30 minutes. Make sure that these are a true 30 minutes, not 30 minutes with Netflix or texting your friends. If you are doing more than one thing at once, give me a break and spend a little more time on the work. When the timer goes off, finish what you are on and then return to your Google doc.


Please date a new entry and write me another paragraph! What went well today, and what was a struggle? As you get the hang of Khan Academy, are you able to get through a bit more? What else are you doing with this time off?


Thursday March 26


Back to Khan Academy! Set a timer for 30 minutes, pick up where you left off, and see how far you can go! When the timer goes off, please finish the assignment you are on and then return to the Google doc.


Remember you are using the same one doc to keep these entries on. For today's paragraph, what went well? What didn't? Where do you do this work? Do you collaborate with others online?


Friday March 27


Guess what? We're in Khan Academy! Set your 30 minute timer, and off you go! When the timer goes off, finish what you are working on.


On the same Google doc, date a new entry. How did today go? How did the week go? Are things getting smoother? Are your other classes going well?


Monday March 30


I hope you enjoyed your weekend! (But stayed away from people!!!) We're still in Khan Academy so pick up where you left off. Set a timer for 30 minutes and off you go! When it goes off, finish what you are working on.


On the SAME Google doc, please date a new entry for today. How's it going? Was it any easier? Is this work harder? Do you like working this way?


Tuesday March 31


Back to work! Set your 30 minutes timer, return to Khan Academy, and keep on going! When the timer goes off, just finish the assignment you are on.


Reflection time: on the same Google doc, please tell me how today's work went. Please include anything else you think I might find interesting!


Wednesday April 1


I have no practical jokes plan, just more Khan Academy. Log back in, set your 30 minute timer, and off you go! When time is up, finish the assignment you are working on.


Back to your Google doc for reflections - tell me about today's work and tell me a joke!


Thursday April 2


I know you'll be shocked, but we're still in Khan Academy. Set your 30 minute timer and see how many assignments you can get done. Finish the one that you are on when the timer goes off.


Reflective paragraph on your Google doc: how has this gone so far? Do you like Khan Academy? Would this be a good resource for introducing new learning or keep it only for reviewing? What has gone well in your other classes that I should consider if we continue to do distance learning?


Friday April 3


Let's see what we can get done in Khan Academy! 30 more minutes, finish the last assignment you are working on.


Reflective paragraph: Have you liked working from home? Is it easier, or too easy to get distracted? Do you miss having classmates around? Is your phone more or less of a distraction? Do you have family that has helped or do they just distract and interfere?


Monday April 6

According the latest email from the superintendent, we are still doing review work for this week. Then we will have April break, and then hopefully start new remote learning.


We're still reviewing with Khan Academy, so please return and give me 30 more minutes of work.


Please then return to your google doc journal to tell me how far you have gotten and how the work is going.


Tuesday April 7


30 more minutes of Khan Academy review, please and thank you.


Update your google doc journal with your current status.


Wednesday April 8


Please do 30 more minutes of review work on Khan Academy and then update your journal to match.


Thursday April 9


Back to Khan Academy, and 30 more minutes, please and thank you.


Update your google doc journal, please and thank you.


Friday April 10


Please give more 30 more minutes of review, if you have not finished the work on Khan Academy yet. 



Then please go back to your journal. Please give me an overall review of your online learning, both from this class and your other classes. What has gone well and what is difficult? We are going to have a week's break, so if you are behind or got a late start, please use this time to catch up. I will be planning our new learning, so the more information you can give me, the better I can plan to help you understand from afar!