Blocks 1 and 3 Ancient World Civilizations

Welcome to the assignment page. This shows the day that an assignment is assigned. Homework is almost always due the next day; when it is not, I will include the due date.
Late homework will be accepted as long as we are still in that unit for reduced credit. Homework that is gone over in class is not eligible to be made up.

Monday January 27
Signed course expectations
Tuesday January 28
Finish the timeline and/or the map - both should be done for tomorrow
Wednesday January 29
Paragraph: How did early humans harness nature? Include at least 3 examples
Thursday January 30
Why did city-states develop in Mesopotamia? 3 reasons/examples
Friday January 31
Finish your webquest if not done in class
Monday February 3
Finish your Indus River Valley cartoon if not done in class
*Unit test Wednesday
Tuesday February 4
Study! Look through your review sheet! Unit test tomorrow
Wednesday February 5
None :)
Friday February 7
Finish your Do Now (read, respond to the two questions on the back) for TUESDAY; no school Monday for inservice
Tuesday February 11
Paragraph: Describe Egyptian culture. Use at least 4 examples.
Wednesday February 12
Paragraph: How did the ancient Egyptians government work? Include specifics
Friday February 14
Have a happy and healthy vacation!