Blocks 1 and 3 Ancient World Civilizations

Welcome to the assignment page. This shows the day that an assignment is assigned. Homework is almost always due the next day; when it is not, I will include the due date.
Late homework will be accepted as long as we are still in that unit for reduced credit. Homework that is gone over in class is not eligible to be made up.

Monday January 27
Signed course expectations
Tuesday January 28
Finish the timeline and/or the map - both should be done for tomorrow
Wednesday January 29
Paragraph: How did early humans harness nature? Include at least 3 examples
Thursday January 30
Why did city-states develop in Mesopotamia? 3 reasons/examples
Friday January 31
Finish your webquest if not done in class
Monday February 3
Finish your Indus River Valley cartoon if not done in class
*Unit test Wednesday
Tuesday February 4
Study! Look through your review sheet! Unit test tomorrow
Wednesday February 5
None :)
Friday February 7
Finish your Do Now (read, respond to the two questions on the back) for TUESDAY; no school Monday for inservice
Tuesday February 11
Paragraph: Describe Egyptian culture. Use at least 4 examples.
Wednesday February 12
Paragraph: How did the ancient Egyptians government work? Include specifics
Friday February 14
Have a happy and healthy vacation!
Monday February 24
Paragraph: How did Egyptian culture outlast Egyptian pharaohs? Include specific details to make a full paragraph.
Tuesday February 25
Block 1: Paragraph: What are 5 things you learned from the documentary?
Block 3: Paragraph: What are 8 things you learned from the documentary?
Wednesday February 26
Paragraph: What are 8 things you learned from today's section of the documentary?
Thursday February 27
Finish essay outline
Friday February 28
Finish historical atlas packet
Monday March 2
Completed essay due Wednesday
Tuesday March 3
Do Now as well, if not done in class
Wednesday March 4
Finish map if not done in class
Poster TBD
Thursday March 5
Poster due Monday
Friday March 6 
Poster due TUESDAY
Monday March 9
Poster due TOMORROW
Tuesday March 10
Unit test THURSDAY
Option essay rewrites due Tuesday
Wednesday March 11
 Unit test THURSDAY
Option essay rewrites due Tuesday
Thursday March 12
Option essay rewrites due Tuesday
Monday March 16
Mrs. Friday is out today - here is the religions packet we are starting for this unit.
Distance learning is planned to go live starting Monday, March 23. I will be posting an agenda and links when appropriate here. If you have questions, please email I have written this work out to be spaced as something everyday. I absolutely understand if you have to work, or are doing childcare, that you may double up some days and skip others. That is totally fine - this is just how I broke down the planning.
- Wed March 18 - 
We have received a new directive from the state that there is to be no new learning in this two week period. We are only to provide work that is review for this time. There is a grading directive still to come from the state. I will be thinking about a new plan this afternoon and evening to begin reloading the site tomorrow.
Thursday March 19
Please go to and create an account (which is free). You will choose a student account, and when prompted the class code is:
Block 1: EV496V
Block 3: B74LQN
Please also join Khan Academy:
Block 1 please follow this link:
Block 3 please follow this link:
You need to join, then I will receive a notification, and will be able to update the class so you can then see the specific assignments.
Monday March 23
I trust you have made free student accounts at both CommonLit and Khan Academy. Remember, for these two weeks teachers have been asked to keep things to review. So we will be going back through the  units we have covered so far - prehistory, early human settlements, Egypt, and Greece.
One-on-one instruction, which this is implied to be, does not mean you will have 85 minutes of work from me; general wisdom is that class time is halved when working one-on-one. You can expect to spend about 30-45 minutes on my work, depending on your speed.
Sign into your Khan Academy account. Please start the prehistory and Paleolithic era videos, articles, and mini quizzes. I expect this to take about two days of what would be work for me. I would guess you would finish for today at the mini quiz, Where Did Humans Come From?
When you have finished that, please create a Google Doc. I would like this to serve in a similar manner to a journal. please date each reflective paragraph. For today, please tell me what went well and what was more of a struggle. I am curious to know how long this took you, particularly. If you were doing this while watching Netflix or Snapchatting, please don't overestimate the time. I want to keep an eye out and see where and what adjustments I will need to make as people finish their work.
Tuesday March 24
Please return to Khan Academy and pick up where you left off. Please finish the Prehistory/Paleolithic section, ending with the mini quiz on the origins of humans and early human societies.
Then please return to the SAME Google doc, date a new entry, and please write a reflective paragraph about how long today's work took you and how the first lesson in Khan Academy went. Was it interesting? Were there new things for you to learn or was it strictly review of what we covered in class? Was anything difficult for you to understand?
*We have been asked to provide the names of students who have not reached out to us yet in any form to the administration for tomorrow for them to begin contacting home. PLEASE email, sign in, do something to connect with me to avoid that phone call from the school administration.
Wednesday March 25
Please sign into your Commonlit account. You have been assigned a Cave Art article with reading comprehension questions to follow. Please complete this and submit your responses.
Then please return to the SAME Google doc as the past two days and date a new entry. Please write a reflective paragraph about how long this took you today and if there were any struggles with this article. How did this compare to the work from Khan's Academy?
Thursday March 26
If you were confused and working on the religions packet, don't worry! While I am currently not allowed into introduce new learning, as soon as I am, that's what we are going right back to! So whether it is back in school or online, none of that work is wasted effort! Also, check in with me!!! I want to know what you are doing and hear about your online schooling :)
Please go to Khan's Academy and do the whole Neolithic section, through the quiz Beginnings - 600 BCE.
Please go to your Google doc with reflections, date a new entry and tell me about today's work. How long did this take? Were there any particular struggles? Was there anything new or more interesting than what we covered in class?
Friday March 27
Please go to Khan Academy and complete the lesson on Mesopotamia. That section ends with two 4 question quizzes.
Then please return to the Google doc you have been working in and write a new reflective paragraph. How did this go? What was new or interesting about this information? Was anything a struggle? 
Monday March 30
Please go to CommonLit. There is an assignment there on Hammurabi's Code. Please read and answer the reading comprehension questions that follow. Make sure to submit your answers when you finish.
Then back to the Google doc! Please write a new entry about how this went today - how long did this take you? Was anything surprising? 
Tuesday March 31
Please return to Khan Academy. Please complete the Ancient Egypt lesson. 
Then back to the Google doc! Please write a reflective paragraph about how the work went today, struggles and success, please and thank you.
Wednesday April 1
Please return Khan Academy. Today we're fusing two different sets - The Standard of Ur, The Rosetta Stone, and then the three on the Indus River Valley. Then please go to CommonLit to do the reading on Indus River Mysteries. Then please answer the questions.
Back to the Google doc! How did today's work go? How long did it take you? What was new or particularly interesting?
Thursday April 2
Sign into your Khan Academy work. The Classical Greece section is very long, so we're looking to split it in half today. I expect you to end at either the after the Classical Greek Society and Culture or after the next video on philosophers.
Back to the Google doc - how did today's work go? What worked well and where were you confused? The little mini quizzes will mostly fall into tomorrow's work, so keep that in mind when thinking about today's work.
Friday April 3
Sign back into Khan Academy and finish the Classical Greece work.
Back to your Google doc - for today's reflective paragraph, what is your review of Khan Academy? If our remote learning is extended, would you feel comfortable learning some new concepts with these videos, or do you need more guided readings and questions? How did the CommonLit readings go? Were you able to retain information from them, or did they just leave you after you finished a question? If we are returned to school, and we need to speed up to get through the curriculum, would you be comfortable doing some new learning with either of these sources?
Monday April 6
This will be our last week of review materials and then there will be a week off to observe April vacation, according to the last email from the superintendent. If you have fallen behind that will be a great time to catch up. We are supposed to be getting more information about starting new learning from home after April break, but unless those directions preclude it, expect to return to world religions next!
Today we're back to Commonlit as we have wrapped up the review work on Khan Academy. The general consensus is that these take longer than Khan Academy, so today you will read and answer the questions on the article Greek Society.
To the Google doc - how did it go? If you are behind, where are you?
Tuesday April 7
We're still at Commonlit and today's article is Greek Government. Read and answer the questions - take your time on the short answer questions and make sure that you are thorough.
Please return to your Google doc to tell me how today's work went and how your online learning/review is going overall.
Wednesday April 8
Back to Commonlit and on to Athenian democracy. Read and answer the questions, please and thank you!
Reflect on the day on your Google doc.
Thursday April 9
Our last day on Commonlit for review - please read and answer the questions to the article Ancient Greece: The Birthplace of Western Individualism.
Back to your Google doc to reflect on your work for today, please and thank you.
Friday April 10
Something different today - review games! Please follow the links below and play the review games. I am curious to learn your score, but completion is what matters here.
Then to the Google doc - please tell me how you did. Then please tell me how online work has gone - are the videos interesting? Have you have classes having video meetings? Including your other classes, what has worked best for online learning? 
I will be planning for new learning after the break, so the more that you can tell me about the pros and cons you have found the past three weeks, the more there is to help me with planning.