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Peer Leadership

Peer Leadership Vision 
Peer Leaders act as advocates for students by supporting them through mediation, de-escalation, and problem solving techniques. Our peer leaders are trained in best practices of all of the above techniques. They are available to students throughout the day, and have been informed which adults are available to speak with if the peer leader feels the student is in need of adult support.


The Peer Leadership program is designed to strengthen relationships between staff members and students attending school each day. By closing the gap between student needs, and  the adults that could advocate and support members of the student body with less stagnant time between a recognized need and the availability of support. Our Peer Leaders are supported by the high school's School Adjustment Counselor, Ms. Hayley Grossman and School Counselor, Mrs. Kinney. Together Ms. Grossman and Mrs. Kinney meet with the Peer Leaders to discuss interview techniques and alternative ways to support the students in need. 

Peer Leadership Norms
- Respect Speaking Times
- Everyone Attends Meetings 
- Trust Among Everyone 
- Everyone is Non-judgmental
- Everyone is Heard  
- Respect Confidentiality 
- Be Impartial 
- Respect Opinions 
- Be Open to New Ideas 
- Courteous of Others