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Mr. Upright

Welcome to Mt. Anthony Union High School and to the wonderful world of Mr. Upright's classes.  Students who have the rare opportunity to have Mr. Upright as a teacher can expect a welcoming atmosphere and to be reassured that every voice is heard throughout the year.  Students will be exploring Ancient Literature from as far back as 3000 BC with"Gilgamesh" up through the Renaissance with "Romeo & Juliet".  We spend so much time trying to find ways to apply the themes and concepts of these time periods and archetypes to what we are dealing in our world today.  The theme of Freshman English is the "Hero's Journey" as we explore epics, tragedies, & legends.
Mr. Upright has been teaching at Mt. Anthony for 23 years.  I spent 10 years as the English teacher in the Freshman Academy program.  For the past 12 years, Mr, Upright has been teaching Sports Journalism.  This class publishes "The Patriot Press", which is a sports newspaper put out by the students.  The news writers in the class attend all sporting events at MAUHS and write up the game stories.  "The Patriot Press" is a bi-weekly newspaper that is normally created throughout the 1st semester.  Students who have taken Sports Journalism have gone on to college to study the profession and are landing jobs at various media outlets as well as writing for their college publications.  Mr. Upright has coached baseball, Girls' tennis, and field hockey at MAU.  Mr. Upright is also known as "The Voice of Mt. Anthony".  I am the announcer for wrestling team (since 2002) as well as the boys soccer team for the past two years.  I have been doing the morning announcements for the past 16 years as well as the MC at every pep rally for Homecoming.
Although it is not a traditional school year, I will make sure to go above and beyond to make my students feel welcome and supported throughout the year.